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Branding And Identity

What is Branding and Identity?

The name itself explains. With “Branding”, we help you create your brand, with “Identity”, we help create creatives that help you share that brand.

There is a small science to it, which is the thought behind establishing the company. The thought of what we are going to do for the customers and what makes us different. Rest, its all creativity. The more the beautiful the creatives, the more the attractive your brand is. We help you create that beautiful thing for you.

Things we think about before creating the brand.

Why choose Us?

Brand MissionTell people what your mission is.

Area and Focus Its important to communicate the reason of your existence. As without it, no one would be interested.

Why choose Us?

Beautiful LogoThe logo should connect, to our hearts and to the customers.

Communicate message We need to show the customers our logos, and the reason behind selecting that design.

Why choose Us?

Tag line/ SloganA tagline is something that customer remembers.

Connect to people Make sure you have a Tagline/Slogan, something memorable, clever that reiterates your brand mission statement and goals.

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ConsistencyEver seen Dell change its logo, or HP, or McDonalds.

Something to remember Being consistent is the key to the existence, and is the key for a human brain to remember and keep coming.

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USPEveryone knows the meaning of USP.

Different Tell the customers why are you different and why should you be chosen.

Why choose Us?

Integrate your BrandLet it be everywhere, on the clothes, on the cups, everywhere.

Brand Integration We help you integrate your brand, by helping you with the designs and with our logo presence just about everywhere.

Why choose Us?

Colour & TypefontWith over a thousand options to choose from, let's help you choose the best.

Beautiful and attractive Show something that is easy for the customers to relate to. Colors that are easy for the eyes and fonts easy to read.

Why choose Us?

Ask peopleBefore finalizing, ask a lot of people. See if it relates to everyone.

Take feedback We will help you with the survey, where in we will ask a lot of people about the logo, take their feedback, and then implement the changes.

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